DPF/FAP removal

Catalyst is a part of exhaust system of a vehicle designed to reduce the quantity of harmful particles in the exhaust gas. As catalysts contain such precious metals as rhodium (rhodium), platinum (platinum), and palladium (paladium), catalysts are purchased. The quantity of precious metals vary not only in vehicles of different makes, models or vehicles manufactured for markets of different countries, but even in the same vehicles. Therefore not trusting repurchasers, who may offer purchasing catalysts directly from you, and going to a solid company actually pay of. This is because very expensive equipment is required in order to estimate the catalyst price and not all companies can afford it, not to mention “shadow” repurchasers. 

Newer vehicles (approximately from 2002) contain DPF (diesel partikel filtre)/FAP (filtre a particules) filters the service life of which is very short, i.e. 120-200 thousand km. When this limit is passed, they clog: consequently vehicle power drops, fuel input increases polluting the environment even more, moreover, its systems become overloaded, sometimes the vehicle would not even start. In this case all you can do is replace the filter or repair it using the mechanical and programming method. Specialists employed by “Rhodium.lt” carry out all vehicle-related computer programming works required for repairing particulate matter filters and replacing catalysts. Staff employed by “Rhodium.lt” carries out reprogramming of control module ECU (engine control unit) – vehicle computer programming, then they repair DPF and FAP particulate filter. In this way regeneration processes are eliminated, fuel input is reduced, the vehicle will no longer emit black or white smoke, refilling DPF/FAP fluids will no longer be needed. At workplace of “Rhodium.lt” we repair, replace, dismantle, if necessary, assess the condition and price of filter/catalyst. All filters, except for Citroen and Peugeot make vehicles, are valuable (from LTL 100 to LTL 600 per piece), although many companies deceive their clients by claiming that they were worthless in order to make profit. The work is done in terms of programming, professional licensed equipment is used. All the work is carried out at the same time (the Company can carry out repair works even on 10 vehicles at the same time), in this way we save the client’s time and ensure the quality of work.

So if you want to sell precious metals, scrap containing precious metals, or catalysts for a good price, UAB RHODIUM.LT is an excellent choice. Purchase of precious metals and catalysts in Kaunas – every business day from 08:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. (on Saturdays – until 03:00 p.m.) on Kaunas Car Market.