DPF/FAP filter cleaning


Only with us can get all the services related to DPF FAP filters and catalysts in Lithuania. There is no company in Lithuania that will provide buying of catalyst and DPF FAP filters and offer services relating to disassembling, changing, cleaning, washing, car diagnostics and ECU programming with power boost. Years of experience have enabled us to combine all DPF FAP filter cleaning technologies into one continuous and comprehensive process and use it to clean your DPF FAP filter.

Preparatory work: it is necessary to measure the airflow resistance of the contaminated filter so that we can compare it before and after cleaning. Subsequently, DPF FAP filtration is chemically treated. We then rinse it with ultrasonic equipment and at the same time wash with high pressure and high-flow pulsed water. After that, the DPF FAP filter burns at a temperature of 750 C° for at least 24 hours and the DPF FAP filtration spontaneously cools for about 12 hours. Finally, the pressure dropped to 10 bars, with air resistance through the DPF FAP filter not to exceed 20 millibars. Clogged, inactive DPF FAP Filter has 50 to 200 millibar airflow resistance, depending on engine capacity and other technical characteristics. The new DPF FAP filter has an air resistance of around 20 millibars. Our refurbished, refined DPF FAP filter has about 20 millibars of air resistance. During this final stage, a comparison is made between before and after treatment. The DPF FAP filter, which is being refurbished, passes through many different stages, and due to technological processes, DPF FAP filters, which are highly contaminated, take up to several days. If the car is with us and the DPF FAP filter is disassembled and installed by our masters of our partner companies, all additional engine diagnostics, reset and ECU programming work are performed. You should check the prices of your work on arrival, because the price depends on the complexity of the installation work.


1. One of ways cleaning of a DPF FAP filter can be achieved by burning it on the heat sink. The carbon black filter is placed in cold heat sink and the temperature is gradually raised to 750 degrees C. DPF FAP filter retains uncooked soot and burns up to about 24 hours. Depending on the contamination, you may need to heat up the filter for up to few days. The advantages of this methodology are significant, the DPF FAP filter is cleaned-incandescent in its most natural way. You should not worry about your filter since nothing bad is going to happen to it during this process. DPF FAP filtration technology uses heat-resistant ceramics and stainless steel. During the car's regeneration, the DPF FAP filter can heat up to 750 ° C for long distances at high speeds.

2. The next DPF FAP cleaning technology is called wet washing. This methodology is not a natural state for your DPF FAP filter. This methodology requires the use of chemicals that dissolve soot and other pollutants. ATTENTION !!! Do not mix with high pressure washers. Muffler tubes for passenger cars are up to 75 mm in diameter. It is necessary to feed the water for the whole thickness of this pipe. Current pressure can reach up to 10 bars. In this place, there is a risk that ceramics may be damaged from such pressure. Water pressure should be applied by impulse "strokes", ranging from 0.1 to 0.1 bar until debris is removed from the DPF FAP filter. A conventional high-pressure washer cannot be used because excessive water flow is concentrated on a small surface that may damage the ceramic surface.

3. Ultrasonic equipment is used to clean industrial filters and commercial vehicle filters. This is also a wet chemical treatment procedure. The technological process takes place by heating the water up to 90 degrees C, then the chemical injection is performed during the ultrasonic operation and the water circulation is started.

4. You can also find various chemical cleaners directly on the Internet, that can be poured into the unmounted car's DPF FAP filter. Well, I will not even comment on this methodology. This is a matter for car dealers. But as an emergency option, it be used as an alternative solution. This will never guarantee a clean DPF FAP filter afterwards. As an example, you do not usually clean the household vacuum cleaner by chemical means, instead, you replace or mechanically clean the filter.