DPF/FAP filter programming

In short, what is a DPF FAP filter?

A filter for diesel engine exhaust soot particles resulting after combustion in engines. DPF FAP filters are made of ceramic, consisting of cellular silicon carbide or coirrite base and metal ceramic, consisting of a metal substrate, the porous walls of which are filled with metallochemical powder covering the filtration surfaces, the filtration surfaces form wedge-shaped pockets through which flammable gas flows. As the DPF FAP filter plate is closed, the burners must flow through the filter pockets. So, the particles of soot, both in ceramic and metal-ceramic DPF FAP filters, are evenly deposited on porous DPF FAP filter walls. Regardless of the type of DPF FAP filter, it must be cleaned of soot particles soiled. This process of cleaning the filter is otherwise called regeneration. Regeneration takes place approximately every 300-800km and depends on the primary carbon black emission and filter size. Regeneration time is approximately 10-15 minutes. Whether the regeneration will be carried out or not depends on a number of factors such as engine running temperature, fuel level in the tank, driving time and distance, as well as the DPF FAP filter itself. The engine control block algorithm is designed so that the compliance or non-compliance of certain parameters in the particulate filter control system requires regeneration or failure.

The DPF FAP filter is not eternal, it can last on average 250,000 km of driving range. The time comes when the filter cannot be cleaned naturally. As the accumulated soot volume increases, the exhaust gas pressure is constantly increasing, which reduces the engine's efficiency, complicates the turbine's work, and sometimes even damages it completely. There is also the fact that DPF FAP filtering is greatly accelerated by some messy car nodes, such as an inappropriate turbine, nozzles, an EGR valve or cracks in the engine cooling system. The coolant, grease, or fuel entering the DPF FAP filter permanently closes it. It often happens that due to the blocked DPF FAP filter the car cannot be started at all. In this case, all is left is to change it or remove it. So, if your car has a DPF FAP filter and it happened so that it started flickering, do not delay, do not let the stubborn filter fail to affect other car housings, come to us and we will help you to solve all the problems with the DPF FAP filter. We will advise whether to change the filter, or to wash it, or to remove and program it. Our service covers all work related to the exhaust system, from computer diagnostics to replacement of DPF FAP filters and catalysts with new or used ones. DPF FAP filter disassembly and their program scheduling services. We also program EGR valves, air valves, turn off system errors.

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