The page provides information on catalytic converters, catalysts prices and their buying. Here you can check the catalyst price in the first catalogue of catalysts in Lithuania. We also perform flushing and cleaning of DPF and FAP filters. DPF / FAP service fees and catalyst purchase prices can be found on the “Catalyst Prices” page.

Catalyst purchase prices are available in the catalysts prices section. CATALYST.LT is the only catalogue of catalysts in Lithuania since 2012. From 2018, you will also find the part/tank number of catalysts in an updated catalogue of CATAYST.LT. Before you sell your catalyst to other competing companies or small service garages, make sure to check the cost of catalysts online at CATALYST.LT. Purchase prices are continuously updated. The prices depend on the cost of precious metals prevailing in the market today. UAB Rhodium.LT conducts a transparent purchasing policy. Because of this a catalogue of purchasing prices for catalysts was created in 2012 and then updated in 2018. You should now have no further questions and should be able to sell your catalyst.

UAB „RHODIUM.LT“ – UAB "RHODIUM.LT"- a company working in buying, processing, recycling and exporting precious metals to the EU countries. The company was founded in 2008. In most cases, catalysts "wear out" and get polluted from poorly exploited cars, physical factors, low quality fuel or badly-regulated fuel systems, defective EGR valves, nozzles or turbines. You should not believe to stories of unfair service carriers saying that the catalysts are tailor-made for use up to 200,000-mile range. The reason for the catalyst pollution is irregular engine nodes or inappropriate fuel. Think of DPF FAP filters for trucks that are made from the same ceramics, and they travel millions of kilometres but not hundreds of thousands of kilometres. Catalysts are made of metal and ceramic. The most common are ceramic, but metallic catalysts are more durable and therefore more often used on off-road vehicles. When deciding to buy a car catalyst, we want to remind you that we only purchase a metal catalyst in a tank that is not damaged.

At customer's request, damaged, as well as partially damaged catalyst and DPF FAP filters can be restored, cleaned.



We buy already dismantled catalysts. We can disassemble your catalyst on site.


We program DPF / FAP filters and handle the related problems.


We refine/clean DPF / FAP filters and carry out related work.


We do automotive programming work.


The private equity company RHODIUM.LT has been operating since 2008. Our main business is the purchase, processing and export of precious metals and waste containing precious metals to the EU countries. The company has a team of well-trained and skilled professionals. This is one of the reasons why we have been awarded the Certificates Strongest in Lithuania in 2011 and Strongest in Lithuania since 2012. We also pay a lot of attention to our new service for buying catalyst in Kaunas.

Vehicle enhancement is also known as chiptuning (chip, microchip, tuning, tuning, modification). In other words, this is a modification of the control program on the engine computer. Modern cars are programmable without chipping and scratching the chips, otherwise they are with older cars. In order to carry out chiptuning, it is necessary to polish the chip containing the complete engine control program ...